About us

Stella has a Baby aims to give mums and mums-to-be a place to buy gently loved maternity and nursing clothing in a more convenient way.

So, how did it start? In 2014, I started a preloved children's wear store, Use-Ta! in Melbourne, but it wasn't until 2019 that we introduced maternity clothing.

I've had two kids, and during pregnancy (particularly for the first baby), I really struggled to maintain my sense of identity. My life had been turned upside down, I could barely recognise my own body, and mentally I was not in the best place. It might sound trivial, but the lack of access to clothing that made me feel normal added to all of this (cue crying in store change rooms!).

I really want to help other people avoid that, by giving them the option of buying preloved maternity clothes that are still stylish. With such a large consignment client base, we're able to do just that. We've been focusing on brands like Legoe Heritage, Bae the Label and Ripe because they still look fashionable, which is essential to me, and to our customers.

We separated our children's wear and maternity websites because pregnancy is such a different stage of your life. We hope to create a space that celebrates all of the beautiful parts of making a human while keeping it real about the parts that are difficult, gross and just plain funny.

We hope that you enjoy your time with us!

Kiri aka Stella x